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Password Protection Feature!

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Google password feature

In our last blog, we mentioned how the UK has seen a significant rise in Cybercrime. You can now keep prying eyes off your Google search history with a new password protection feature!

It’s no secret that Google tracks your activity, whether you are using it’s hardware or software such as an Android device, smart speaker or even just Google Chrome. But how secure is it? Currently, anyone who has access to a logged-in device can view this log.

Google has introduced a new way to password protect the ‘My Activity’ page, making it useful for those who share devices within a household or office. This feature ensures that a users web, app or location history cannot be viewed or deleted by other users.

So how can you activate this feature? Simply login into your Google account and visit the My Activity page, select ‘manage my activity verification’ and choose the option to ‘require extra verification’. Once this feature is enabled, you will see a lock icon and a button to ‘verify’ your identity with a password when visiting this page – blocking off the details of the activity tracking to anyone without it.

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