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Why do businesses need NAS?

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With the recent announcement of the new Covid-19 restrictions, businesses are now slowly returning to operate on a work from home basis. This can be difficult for businesses that have a large amount of data. Especially when they can only access this data when they are in the office. This is where Network-attached Storage (NAS) comes in.

What is a Network-attached Storage?

Network-attached storage, or NAS, is a type of data storage server that allows multiple users to access data from one centralised location. NAS enables users to easily access and share data, whether in the office or from the comfort of their own home. The data can be accessed by connecting your computer directly via a USB cable, through the local network at your office, or via cloud storage services such as Azure and iCloud.

Business owners become overwhelmed as their business grow and expand. Keeping data stored securely, alongside having to comply with GDPR rules, can be difficult. This is why many business owners see NAS as an essential part of their operations.

What are the benefits of using NAS?

  • NAS devices are cheap and cost-effective. Benefitting not only large businesses but also small businesses.
  • Computers have a very limited storage capacity. Thus, keeping data secure and organised just on your computer, has proven to be difficult.
  • Access your data at any time, from anywhere. Keeping an eye on your data can be hard when you’re not in the office. With an NAS device, you can access all company data, without leaving your home!
  • They are scalable. Increasing your NAS data storage can be easily done by just adding additional hard disks.

How Can Edmondson’s IT Help?

At Edmondson’s IT Services, we have partnered up with Netgear, to provide you with the most secure storage solutions for your business. Netgear’s ReadyNAS file storage system helps secure your data and ensure your files are backed up. With the process being entirely automated, your data is backed up without you having to lift a finger. Get in touch today, to see how we can help your business flourish!

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